/Here’s the Best Budgeting App on the Market

Here’s the Best Budgeting App on the Market

If you’re struggling to save money, technology can help you keep track of the financials. Smartphone apps have customizable budget categories and other features to monitor your money for you.

But not all apps are created equally. PCWorld recently showcased the best one (and a runner-up):

Best overall budgeting app: YNAB

YNAB (You Need a Budget) tops our list. Its “zero-sum” budgeting system—allocating every dollar of only the money you have in hand to dedicated spending and saving categories until you have zero dollars left to budget—feels most like the tried-and-true envelope system our grandparents used to live within their means. The apps’ hands-on approach also helps drive home the idea of being intentional about how you spend and save money. If you’re new to budgeting, this is the app to start with.

Runner-up: Mint

Mint automatically aggregates and analyzes all your linked financial accounts and gives you a comprehensive look at your money matters. Its more hands-off approach isn’t ideal for first-time budgeters, but if you’ve tracked your spending with pen and paper before, this tool is the best next step.

Download both of them now, and see which one you like best!