/Do You Live in a Bad Place to Retire?
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Do You Live in a Bad Place to Retire?

Florida is a retirement mecca for good reasons. It is the nation’s most affordable state when it comes to tax-friendliness on pensions and Social Security, inheritance, and overall cost of living. It has a vibrant older-adult community and a labor market open to older workers. And it scores highly enough on another a range of other factors that it stands out as the best state in the nation to retire, according to a new analysis.

Personal finance website WalletHub ranked U.S. states based on 41 criteria, from water and air quality to the number of museums, theaters and scenic byways. Access to health care, life expectancy and the percentage of the adult population that is physically active also factored into the ratings that aimed to establish the best — and worst — places around the country to retire. While Florida has long been considered a retirement haven, other states that make the list were less intuitive.

For instance, Mississippi and Louisiana, which are both among the most affordable states in the nation in terms of cost of living, ranked among the worst retirement states — 47th and 44th, respectively. That’s mainly because they fared poorly on health care and well-being standards that included the quality of public hospitals, health care facilities per capita, overall health of those 65 and older, as well as the number of museums, theaters and volunteer activities per capita.

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