/Does Your High School Student Know About Money

Does Your High School Student Know About Money

The Center for Financial Literacy at Champlain College recently ranked U.S. states on the personal finance education offered in high schools.

The center published its third report card in an effort to raise awareness about the state of personal finance education in high schools around the country. The recent report explains: “We would not allow a young person to get in the driver’s seat of a car without requiring driver’s education, and yet we allow our youth to enter the complex financial world without any related education. An uneducated individual armed with a a credit card, a student loan and access to a mortgage can be nearly as dangerous to themselves and their community as a person with no training behind the wheel of a car.”

Almost 10% of states received an A rating, which means that the state requires personal finance instruction for a minimum of 60 hours per year as a graduation requirement. These states include Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia and Utah.

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