/3 Reasons to Choose Credit Over Debit

3 Reasons to Choose Credit Over Debit

Use a credit card to earn rewards

Many credit cards offer travel or cash-back rewards on every dollar you spend. Some cards offer more rewards for certain purchases—like dining out, groceries, gas or travel spending—allowing you to rack up more rewards on regular spending.

Use a credit card for better fraud protection

If your credit card is lost or stolen and you fall victim to fraud, generally the most you can be liable for is $50 under federal law—and thanks to zero-liability fraud policies offered by most credit card issuers, you may not owe anything.

But if a debit card goes missing or is misused, you could lose everything in your bank account if the loss isn’t reported within 60 days.

A credit card obviously isn’t the best option in every case, but the benefits cannot be ignored.